Oil sands, Fort McMurray, Alberta. Photo credit: Eryn Rickard

Down and Out

Words matter. If appropriate, they help understanding. And even if imprecise or absent, they help, as they often reveal the underlying intention or end goal….

Sahaganj. Dunlop factory. Photo credit: Gurvinder Singh


In 1936 the pneumatic tyres manufacturer Dunlop opened its first factory in India. Sahaganj was the chosen venue. It was the first tyre manufacturing plant…

India’s third way

From death came life. Cremation, a traditional ceremony for the 8.5 million Hindus dying each year in India, is emotionally and environmentally fraught. An estimated…

India’s fossil fuel paradox?

India has a “contradictory” energy policy as it pledges to move towards a greener economy but is importing oil. That’s the view of Dr Senthilarasu…