Solar Impulse keeps pushing


A World Alliance for Clean Technologies: it is the latest bold project launched by the Solar Impulse Foundation. The idea, presented in Marrakesh during the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22), is to drive collaboration and support for the transition towards a low carbon scenario.

As Bertrand Piccard said upon the final landing in Abu Dhabi “If an airplane can fly around the world without a drop fuel, clean technologies can undoubtedly be implemented on the ground to make a cleaner, more efficient and richer world.”

So, less than four months after the landing of the first ever solar flight around the world, the Solar Impulse Foundation is launching the World Alliance for Clean Technologies a second phase where clean technologies can accomplish goals and offer tangible solutions to sort out many of the challenges facing global society today.

There is no other similar organization, gathering the clean technologies stakeholders around the world. The Alliance will bring together start-ups, companies, institutions and organizations producing, implementing or supporting the use of clean technologies. The members will share experiences and create synergies in order to improve the overall value chain and demonstrate concrete solutions to support governments, corporations and institutions in reaching their environmental targets. The Alliance is funded thanks to partners such as Covestro, Solvay and Nestlé, among others, as well as private donors.
Richard Northcote, Chief Sustainability Officer at Covestro, was very keen to share his enthusiasm for the project: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Solar Impulse though the World Alliance for Clean Technologies. Our contribution to the Solar Impulse project proved that we have the technology to make the world a brighter place and through this alliance we intend to accelerate its implementation.”
Words echoed by Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay, Solar Impulse’s first partner: “The success of Solar Impulse has proven to the world how powerful collaborative innovation between visionary entrepreneurs and companies that believe in science and research can be to deliver technological breakthroughs. This is just the beginning of what open collaboration and innovation can do to combat climate change.” AM


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