Climate change? Not now, not in the US

Marco Rubio (Florida Senator)Climate change can do more harm to the U.S. economy than to the environment. This is basically what Florida senator Marco Rubio said when replying to a question posed by the moderator Jake Tapper during the last CNN’s Gop debate.
The priority in Rubio’s view is that America should take care of its citizens’ main interest, which is the occupation, the economic growth not the environment. “Every proposal our Government will put forward will make it harder to do business in America, harder to create jobs in our country.”
We should not call Senator Rubio a climate change sceptic, simply he is not interested in a subject perceived only as a hurdle for the national economy. And he is not the only one in the Unites States. His views are actually shared in many other countries. And you can’t simply smile or laugh. Avoiding to underestimate these arguments must be a priority for those who believe climate change requires immediate and widespread actions.

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