Silk Road revisited

ONE-3-2016 42A city within the city. It is the new Midwest Commodity Exchange Center (MCEC), the core of the metal products trade park in Xi’an.

Positioned as one of the regional headquarters of China’s New Silk Road, this area has recently witnessed a new urban development.

Modern buildings, artificial lakes, and green parks are apparently disconnected with Xi’an recent past, but it is Silk Road’s rich historical and cultural background that inspired architects and designers projects.

There are seven main towers: four – called “bridge” – representing the connection between south-north and east-west transportations; one – called “gold seal” – representing fair international trades; and a pair of hexagonal columns – called “gate” – representing the constant change in urban life within the city environment.

At night, led light streams along the façade to keep moving – through a particular lighting program – to create a spectacular and active urban landscape.

Eusebio Loria

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