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Cockatoo Island Crane. Photo credit: Boyd159

Cockatoo Island

Located in Sydney Harbour, Australia, Cockatoo Island, between 1839 and 1869, operated as a convict penal establishment, for convicts who had re-offended in the colonies….

Humberstone and Santa Laura

Two former saltpeter refineries located in northern Chile, in the Atacama Desert. Founded in 1872, the Saltpeter works and the towns constructed around them became obsolete fifty years later, after two…


Nuttallburg, West Virginia, USA, owes its name to English entrepreneur John Nuttall, who saw a golden opportunity in the coal-rich New River gorge and began…

Bois du Cazier

The history of the Bois du Cazier coal mining site dates back to a 1822 concession, in which a transcription error caused the name of…