Lost in transition

Green new deal, just transition fund, circular economy, carbon free, biofuels, eco-friendly, fair trade, organic, recycling, renewable, resilience, sustainability, zero-whatever (from emission to waste).

The lexicon of the environmental-consciousness keeps growing. And for a tangible reason. The commercial fate of a specific product or technology or industry is increasingly related to the feeling words can generate. Pick and associate the most evocative concept or colour, and you can turn opposition into support without changing anything substantial about your business or policy.

But people are getting tired of this blatant travesty. Two years ago in France, four environmental groups launched a lawsuit against the government for its failure to fulfil self-imposed obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite all the good words carefully picked to emphasise their commitment to tackling the climate issue.

In February, a Paris administrative court sanctioned the government to pay a symbolic amount – only one euro each – to the four groups and to take action within two months. The ruling was clear – no more empty words. Just. True. Facts. S’il vous plait.

Gianni Serra

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    By: ONE Editor

    Italian professional journalist. ONE Editor in Chief and Sotacarbo Director of Communications and International Relations.

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