E-bikes are good for the environment and for you too

Global warming is a severe problem affecting the environment worldwide, primarily due to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels for transportation, which accounts for a fifth of global carbon emissions. As a result, many environmentally conscious people are looking for sustainable alternatives to replace fossil fuels.

Enter electric bikes. They have shown great promise as an effective and environment-friendly transport solution. Not only are they affordable but they are easily portable as well.

They also cost a lot less than cars. The purchase cost of a fossil fuel-based vehicle is just one of many expenses. As soon as you buy a car, insurance fees, daily fuel expenses, and routine maintenance costs soon start to pile up.

By comparison, e-bikes are far cheaper and you don’t have to worry about any other running costs. By the time you reach 18 months of use, the bike would most probably have paid for itself. On top of the financial benefits, folding electric bikes are much more portable, easier to store, and require barely any space.

Yet the biggest advantage of electric bikes is that they allow you to significantly reduce your fossil fuel consumption. By owning an e-bike, you can minimize greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint.

True, electric bikes need to be charged regularly, but even basic e-bikes offer a range of 20-30 miles on a single charge. That is more than enough for people to commute in cities. However, you can also find options that yield higher ranges. Mid-range electric trikes or bikes offer a traveling range of 50-70 miles on a single charge, whereas top-end bikes deliver a range of approximately 100 miles.

You don’t have to wait hours to get your bike fully charged, either. Because of rapid advancements in battery technology, you can get faster-charging speeds. Another benefit is that an e-bike charges if you pedal on easy roads rather than using the throttle.

Lowering CO2 emissions and easing traffic congestion

Major cities attract many people in search of new opportunities from different places. As the population increases, so do the number of cars and motorcycles on the road. This eventually leads to traffic congestion, stretching the time it takes for you to reach your destination.

Heavy traffic also increases the consumption of fossil fuels as cars have to keep moving at much slower speeds and for a longer time. This results in more emission of carbon monoxide (CO), which pollutes the air and harms our health.

Instead, you can take advantage of battery-powered bikes to cruise through city traffic with ease. E-bikes can significantly lower the traffic on the roads, cutting down the time required to get to places. Consequently, you can also do your part in lowering air pollution and helping the environment.

As people are getting more conscious about the consumption of fossil fuel, electric bikes and tricycles for adults are gaining popularity. Not only are they a more sustainable option for our environment, but they also help you adopt a healthy lifestyle despite a sedentary routine.

All in all, e-bikes are one of the best and most viable transportation solutions that empower you to decrease your environmental footprint and combat climate change on an individual level.

Some countries around the globe still consider an e-bike to be a bicycle. If you want to avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of vehicle registration, getting a license plate, or getting it insured, electric bikes are a splendid choice worth considering.

Unlike a gas-fueled car or motorcycle, you can visit your local dealer or cycle shop and purchase it without the hassle of getting the paperwork done.

As electric bikes are getting more accessible, cities across the world are planning to develop the infrastructure for public charging stations to encourage massive adoption.

And there is more.

By owning an e-bike, you can also adopt a healthy lifestyle by mitigating the side effects of a deskbound lifestyle. Electric bikes allow you to travel long distances, ensuring that you build endurance and give your muscles a steady workout.

Other health benefits of riding an e-bike include better cardiac health, lower stress levels, increased metabolism, better core muscle strength, improved coordination and increased blood flow.

The pedal-assist feature on bikes allows you to set the level of assistance from the electric bike motor, so you get a good workout even after using the throttle.

All age groups can easily use an electric bike, even the elderly. If you want to stay active despite your old age, you can do this by hopping on three-wheel bikes for seniors. The moving speeds of these bikes are relatively easy to control, but you can also restrict the speed limit if the elderly and children are to use them.

By Graeme McLaughlin

June 9, 2021

Originally published by Sustainability Times

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