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Road or Us

You probably already know that automobiles are major consumers of fossil fuels, and they produce vast amounts of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate…

Kelly silver mine (New Mexico). Photo credit: Vankuso (


It was 1866, and the area was Magdalena Mining District (New Mexico, USA), where J. S. Hutchason discovered some rich lead outcroppings and opened the…

The Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company. Photo credit:

Mount Lyell

Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company was an Australian mining company formed on 29 March 1893, based in Queenstown, Tasmania. In the early 1890s, the…

Oil sands, Fort McMurray, Alberta. Photo credit: Eryn Rickard

Down and Out

Words matter. If appropriate, they help understanding. And even if imprecise or absent, they help, as they often reveal the underlying intention or end goal….

Photo credit: Pxfuel

No Kiln in Making Soda

Sodium carbonate, known as soda or soda ash, has been made on an industrial scale since the 1790s. Annual production worldwide is well over fifty…

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Big Pit Blaenavon

Big Pit National Coal Museum is an industrial heritage museum in Blaenavon, Wales (United Kingdom). The Big Pit is part of a network of coal…

The Ahouli mine (Morocco). Photo credit: Drissbkd


Ahouli is an abandoned mining village in the remote Atlas mountain in Morocco. This lead mine is located in a valley along the Moulouya river….